What We Do

Awakening the Eco Soul

We invite you to journey through the spiritual teachings, artistic gifts, beauty, joy and heart offerings that await you within the following websites.

Our purpose is to explore and teach new ways of awakening the divine, opening the heart and creating ecological sustainability both within and without. We invite you to discover more about the Kahua Institute and its many facets. We offer group and private retreats, workshops, recordings, concerts, pilgrimages to sacred sites abroad, global outreach, work exchange programs, and more.

Maui Retreat

Maui Retreat
“The Greenest Spot on Maui” – Living Elegantly Off the Grid. This is an extraordinary place full of genuine Hawaiian mana (blessings). It can be felt the moment you set foot on our lush land. Whether you are seeking sanctuary, looking to write the next chapter of your life, or are simply on vacation, come explore sustainable living on Maui’s premier ecotourism retreat center.

Embodied Spirituality & Sustainability

Embodied Spirituality

Ancient Wisdom to Navigate Through a New World.

A path of the heart, physical longevity and enlightenment as taught by Kutira and Raphael over a period of 30 years. Ancient and new Yoga, Tantric and Taoist teachings empowered with the heart become miraculous.

Body-Mind Morphing

Body Mind Morphing

A Groundbreaking Approach to Weight Reduction and Ageless Living

Kutira invites you to experience the revolutionary Body/Mind Morphing HCG Program that transforms, rejuvenates, and reshapes you on EVERY level, connects you to inner wisdom, and reveals your most vibrantly beautiful and powerful self.  Now you have access to excerpts from her upcoming book, Lightness of Body & Being – A Groundbreaking Approach to Weight Reduction and Ageless Living.

Kahua Records

Kahua Records

Music for Prayer, Love, and Ritual

Kutira and Raphael founded Kahua Records in 1992. It is an artist-owned independent record label that celebrates the merging of spirit and ecstasy in the body, and into everyday life. Their music is an offering towards the good of humanity, and begins in the heart. Kutira explains, “The heart is what carries into the universe. It is mature hearts that will bring ultimate ecstasy onto this planet.”  With over a million albums sold, Raphael and Kutira’s albums have been used extensively on DVDs,  massage therapies, yoga workshops, water births, hospitals, and death and dying institutes.

“This is the most elevated spiritual music ever composed. Rarely does one find such a profundity and fullness as in these compositions.”

~ Keyboards Magazine