Kahua means “The Wisdom and Power from Within” in the ancient Hawaiian language. In this time of great change on our planet, we are aware of the importance of honoring the totality of who we are and our connection to mother earth. “To heal is to make whole.”Kutira and Raphael founded The Kahua Hawaiian Institute in 1985. The purpose of the institute is to explore and teach new ways of empowering the body with both scientific and spiritual means. We are also pioneers in exploring and discovering new methods of ecological sustainability; including energy sources, construction with new lumber, farming, soil restoration and creating a deeper understanding of living life in harmony with all.

We are committed to new ways of awakening the divine, opening the heart and creating ecological sustainability both within and without. We invite you to discover more about the Kahua Institute and explore our cutting edge programs that include visionaries, musicians, teachers and spiritual leaders from all walks of life.

“Caring and sharing for each other and our mother earth is the breath that sustains our vision of a community that matters. There is not much time left for doing anything alone. Grab somebody’s hand and start to walk towards a sustainable future.”