Personal Retreat Time


Come and stay with us and create your own personal retreat time. Also, choose from a pampering massage, an invigorating yoga class or an energetic Qi-Gong practice to start your day. Counseling and private teachings are available as well.  Visit to find out more what could enhance your stay with us

Visitors Program

Visit our retreat center in Maui for a beautiful, luscious vacation in” the Greenest Spot in Maui”, expand your awareness of the sustainable living.  Here you can enjoy contributing to our “off the grid” ways of living, eliminate some of your carbon foot print by learning how you can choose living elegantly green and explore personal growth and awaken your eco-soul.

Events / Programs

We offer a variety of programs, events, conferences and workshops that provide cutting edge teachings and practices that allow you to cultivate healthy, sustainable living that honors our mother earth, honors all sentient beings and awakens the deeper consciousness of the eco-soul.

We also offer group and private retreats, recordings, concerts, pilgrimages to sacred sites abroad, global outreach, work exchange programs, and more. These programs also include the Body-Mind Morphing program – A revolutionary new program about the Lightness of Body and Being that teaches you about the sustainability of your own body/mind/soul