August 14th – 22nd, 2011 – Los Angeles, California (limited private sessions)

Private Sessions with Kutira and Raphael (limited time available only)


If you would like to book a private Body-Mind-Morphing session with Kutira and possible start the protocol with HCG write an email to:
Kutira has only a limited time available on her visit in L.A
You may also be interested to book a session with Kutira if you have done the HCG program and have not been able to hold your weight. Find out how you can maintain your new body and anchor some of her amazing BMM tools that supports your new life-style and your outer and inner health.
(call 808 280 3960 AFTER Aug. 10th. Kutira will be in Europe before and not able to answer phone calls) $150

There comes a time in our lives when we begin to acknowledge that our health is the most precious gift we have been given.

All the blessings of life – from material wealth to relationships – are dependent upon our health. The body is our point of pleasure, our tangible connection to the outer world, and that which sustains us so that we can enjoy all that life has to offer.

Dare to say ‘yes’ to profound weight loss and ageless living! This book is a key into a new world of long-lasting happiness and a youthful, vibrant, and powerful new you! I invite you to explore this groundbreaking approach to personal transformation.

Nurture your body, empower your soul, and connect you with your essential self and higher purpose.
Lose weight effortlessly and cultivate the state of mind that keeps the pounds off permanently – no more yo-yo dieting!

Prepare healthy, easy menus that you’ll want to share with others.

Awaken the Eco Soul – through organic ways of sustainable living that remind us we are all connected.  With this consciousness, it is easier to achieve optimal health and spiritual wellbeing.


Treat yourself with a Psychic Reading Set to Music. Raphael is a master of listening to your soul and can hear the music that plays in your heart.

Imagine if you would be a piece of music, how would you sound?
Exactly, that is what you will receive, a personal portrait of yourself, recorded on a CD for you to keep. Depending on your unique personality, all styles of music are available. Raphael has over 30 years of experience of psychic readings. The music you get is truly a musical Soul-portrait and you can listen to this journey forever.
Raphael’s Psychic Reading Set to Music was more than a psychic reading I normally receive through spoken words. The musical reading from Raphael took me much deeper and turned out to be a timeless healing tool. I often listen to my recorded soul music and I remember the essence of my being. I can never get enough listening to it, I simply love my soul symphony  and in case I forgot it reminds me to love myself just the way I am. Thank you Raphael for your unique skills and this amazing gift! Francesca Donatelli, Italy
This is your time. Raphael has only a few openings available! If you would like to gift yourself with this remarkable musical journey, call  808 280 3060 (after Aug. 10th).  Cost $150