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Awakening The Eco Soul

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It is in this time of great change on our planet, that we are aware of the importance of honoring the totality of who we are, and our connection to the Mother Earth.

“To Heal is to Make Whole.”





New Innovations In:

  • Artistic Creations Including Architecture
  •   Spiritual Teachings and Growth
  • The Art of Manifestations
  • Sacred Travels
  • The Art of Music Healing
  • Movies and Educational Videos
  • Environmental Activism and more!



“Caring and sharing for each other and our Mother Earth is the breath that sustains our vision of a community that matters. There is not much time left for doinhing alone.
Grab somebody’s hand and start to walk towards Regenerative Living ~ a step beyond sustainability, and awakening of the Eco Soul.”


Married for over 33 years, still rock’n and celebrating with heart filled offerings to serve humanity

Kutira and Raphael founded The Kahua Hawaiian Institute in 1985. The purpose of the institute is to explore and teach new ways of empowering Body, Mind and  Spirit with both scientific and spiritual means and by honoring and learning about
Regenerative Living in Community.

Learn How to Live in Harmony with Nature

  • Our Mission is to Regenerate the Earth and Empower your Dreams
  • Renew your Connection to the Earth, Ancient Wisdom and each other
  •  Envision new pathways into a Regenerative Future for all
  •  Learn about Agroforestry and Embodied Spirituality

KAHUA ~ means in Hawaiin

“The Wisdom and Power from Within”


Regeneration is when we are adapting together with nature, rejuvenating the health of the Earth and Us. Our actions leading up to regeneration renews the health of the planet and the health of human life.

We are committed to new ways of awakening the divine, opening the heart, and creating ecological sustainability not only on the outside; but on the inside as well. We invite you to discover more about the work of Kutira and Raphael, visionaries, musicians, teachers, and compassionate spiritual leaders for over three decades.

Here at the Kahua Institute, we have been pioneers in exploration and discovery of new methods of ecological sustainability since over 35 years. These methods include creative energy sources, constructing with new lumber, farming and soil restoration techniques, and wellness by creating a deeper understanding of living life in harmony with it all.

If you would like to deepen your experience about Kutira and Raphaels accomplishments, we invite you to visit the websites below. Each website will bring you into the magic of their creations.
Enjoy the passionate way of regenerative living.

Maui Eco Retreat

“The Greenest Spot on Maui” – Living Elegantly Off the Grid. This is an extraordinary place full of genuine Hawaiian mana (blessings). It can be felt the moment you set foot on our lush land. Whether you are seeking sanctuary, looking to write the next chapter of your life, or are simply on vacation, come explore sustainable living on Maui’s premier ecotourism retreat center.

Kahua Records / Shamanic Music

Music for Prayer, Love, and Ritual

Kutira and Raphael founded Kahua Records in 1992. It is an artist-owned independent record label that celebrates the merging of spirit and ecstasy in the body, and into everyday life. Their music is an offering towards the good of humanity, and begins in the heart. Kutira explains, “The heart is what carries into the universe. It is mature hearts that will bring ultimate ecstasy onto this planet.”  With over a million albums sold, Raphael and Kutira’s albums have been used extensively on DVDs,  massage therapies, yoga workshops, water births, hospitals, and death and dying institute

Bhutan Eco Retreat

Have you ever dreamed of going to Bhutan? 
If you are ready to unplug from your busy life and refill your spiritual cup in the mystical land of the Thunder Dragon, then join Kutira – who spent over 4 years of her life in this hidden jewel – not including past lives. Meet like-minded friends, ignite your inner compass and experience a place that measures its success in Gross National Happiness. You will come home with a renewed passion for life and find your true calling.

Embodied Spirituality

Ancient Wisdom to Navigate Through a New World.

With over 30 years of international teaching and concert tours, Kutira and Raphael are back with an even deeper connection to Spirit. With joy and coming from a source of unity, authenticity, and spiritual well-being, they invite you to their home in Hawaii – the Maui Eco Retreat.
Come and embark on a transformative journey that recognizes the inseparable connection between mind, body and spirit.
Check out the dates for their legendary Embodied Spirituality teachings.

Agroforestry In Hawaii

In 2018 we began to create our Food Garden based on the knowledge of Agroforestry. Agroforestry is the intentional integration of native plant species into crops and animal farming systems to create environmental, economic, and social benefits. We have been documenting the different stages with the intention to create an online teaching library that will be available soon. 

Body Mind Morphing

A groundbreaking approach to weight reduction and ageless living; experience becoming your most authentic self. Kutira invites you to experience a revolutionary way to transform, rejuvenate and reshape yourself on every level, connecting you to inner wisdom and revealing your most vibrantly beautiful and powerful self.  Her book, The Lightness of Body & Being, is a guide to living life to its fullest. Her Divine-Sister-Coaching will connect you to what is alive in you right now.

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