Come Stay With Us

Visit our resort  for a beautiful, luscious vacation and expand your awareness of regenerative living. Enjoy a farm-to-table meal while contributing to our “off the grid”  living and eliminate some of your carbon foot print. Learn how you can live elegantly green and explore your eco-soul. or

                                  Create your Own Personal Retreat

Come and stay with us and create your own personal retreat program. Choose from a pampering massage, an invigorating yoga class or an energetic Qi-Gong practice to start your day. Counseling and private teachings will support your growth program according to your needs. Visit to find out more what could enhance your stay with us and create a memorable individual retreat program. Contact us at

                                     Free Your Voice ~ Create your Song

Would you like to record a song, or set your poetry to music?
Do you have a musical project you wanted to create/finish and need help?
Raphael can guide you in any stage of your creation and can support you in producing the outcome you have dreamt about.
Contact Raphael and visit and,

Sacred Journey Adventures           

We offer a variety of experiences local and international.
Contact us if you are interested in a Sacred Journey with Kutira, travelling to one in a live time sacred sites,  visit or contact us at

            Wellness Program

Want to get fit?
A revolutionary program about the Lightness of Body and Being that teaches you about the sustainability of your own body-mind and soul
Contact us for a pre-counselling if this would be an supportive addition in your life now. and visit

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